How You Can Help

The motto of Toc H is ‘Service is the rent we pay for our room on earth’

We need your help!

Hundreds of Toc H volunteers and helpers throughout Australia are dedicated to implementing this motto by serving where a need exists. For example, they:

  • Take sick, disabled and needy children on outings and holidays
  • Visit them in hospital and give them Christmas presents and Easter Eggs
  • Train young people to gain confidence, and become effective and compassionate leaders
  • Assist refugees overcome difficulties adapting to our country
  • Build bridges of understanding in multicultural communities
  • Provide companionship, concerts and help for the elderly
  • Encourage respect for the memory of those who served and gave their lives for our country in war

Toc H Australia has exciting plans to expand its activities, by increasing the numbers of young people trained in leadership, conducting camps for disadvantaged and refugee children, and expanding our work with the elderly, many of whom lead very lonely lives. We are also building bridges where needs exist overseas, for example in Vietnam, by working jointly with other organizations to give some of the poorest people there a helping hand.

Although we are an organization of volunteers, our activities still need money for printing, transport, hire of training facilities, insurance, equipment and maintenance of Toc H facilities. To continue and expand our activities, we need your help.

There are many ways you can support Toc H. New members and helpers are always welcome and monetary gifts are greatly appreciated. Please ask if you would like to support a specific activity. Some people, particularly those who have had a long association with Toc H, may wish to make an enduring gift by way of a bequest. It is easy to add such a gift to a will, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will enable Toc H to continue helping others.

To make a donation, join Toc H, or ask for advice on leaving a bequest to Toc H in your will, please contact us.