Toc H India, Toc H Nagar, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala 682 020 India


We send you loving brotherly and sisterly greetings from Toc H India in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are delighted to start the Toc H World Chain of Light in 2010 at Kochi, Kerala, India.

As you are aware the World Chain of Light will start at 9.00pm (local time) on the 11th December and the vigil will end after the Light travels westwards across the continents, spreading its glow into the hearts of men and women and reach Kochi at 9.00pm (local time) on the 12th December, 2010. We will then complete the vigil with the Ceremony of Light. This is in unbroken continuation of the yearly celebration of the first World Chain of Light which started in Perth, Western Australia at 9.00pm local time on the 11th December, 1929.

Toc H is a movement of persons

Toc H is a movement of persons towards each other and God.

Toc H is practical Christianity

The roots of Toc H draw their nourishment from the rich soil of personal relationships based on Christian convictions

Yes, that is what it is!

It is Christ living His life through us reaching out to others fairly and bravely in love and humility. For all of us in Toc H, it is a never-tiring exercise to renew our resolve to take forward these splendid ideals.

The horizon of knowledge is expanding with enormously increased accumulation of information and human beings keep striving to learn more. Let us consider just one theme. The Principles of Thermodynamics as we understand them cannot explain the dissipation of energy, reddening of the stars. This and the falling in of objects into Black Holes produce Arrow of Times. The String Theory is advocated to substantiate entropy in a statistical sense. Even so the place of the Designer, Creator and Sustainer cannot be denied. If the cosmic confusion is not accompanied by a cosmic confusion is not accompanied by a cosmic humility, weakening of the glow of our faith will be the result. The commitment of Toc H is to preserve the luminance of our light despite increased information causing confusion of Christian values.

Brothers and sisters, Love surpasses all energies because God is LOVE, which is unaffected by entropy. Let us all be bound together in that LOVE as His branches.

It is true that in the pre-independent India Toc H had a pronounced visibility as the British were ruling India and spreading the Gospel message too. This was very much so during World War II when Toc H had committed itself to the service of war-widows and orphans. In 1947 when the country gained independence from British rule and as they left the country, it is true to say that the Toc H movement started dwindling and it began losing branches. Seeing this sad state of affairs Mr Yesudas, the then Chief Secretary of the State of Kerala State began earnest efforts to revive Toc H to its former glory. He fervently prayed and sought the grace of the Lord to go around to various cities in the State and encouraged believing, practising Christians to come around and form Toc H Branches in their communities.

In 1970 Mr Yesudas came to Cochin and gathered a few upright Christian brothers and explained to them the high and laudable principle of “Service is the rent for our room on earth” and the Four Points of the Toc H Compass. Some of us were fired up and we came together to form the first Toc H Branch in Cochin. A godly person, Mr P. A. Kuruvilla (the then Municipal President of Cochin) was chosen as its first President, Mr Samuel Arthur as its Secretary and Mr K. Varghese (the present Toc H India Commissioner) as its Treasurer. Ten others also then joined as members of the Toc H Cochin Branch. Mr Yesudas instructed us in the conduct of Toc H Meetings and the working of the branch and inspired us to hold high the laudable ethos of our organisation.

From then on we began to work for the betterment of the people of Cochin and surrounding areas. In the early years of Toc H in Cochin we started out on two fronts. One was the elimination of beggary in Cochin City and the other was the eradication of Leprosy and Tuberculosis in the district. All would concede to a large degree that we were successful in the second effort of fighting off the bacilli but beggary keep popping up here and there.

Through our devoted striving and the co-operation of the Cochin Corporation we were able to begin an orphanage for destitute children. It is now run by Don Bosco Brothers housing about 150 street children. Another orphanage was started chiefly through the personal efforts of Dr K. Varghese, for mentally challenged children which now has about 22 inmates. The local Y.M.C.A. is looking after that home.

We keep our links with local hospitals and provide some of their needs as and when we get feelers for such.

Our biggest contribution, however, is in the area of education starting with Pre-school to Technical and Management studies including research and development.

Some details of our contribution are as follows:

We have eight Toc H Educational Institutions in Kerala, including a Technical College for Engineering and Management studies where we have graduate, postgraduate and research study facilities. The marvel of the whole saga would stand out in relief when we consider the fact that we had humble beginnings with 32 students and 2 teachers way back in 1972. Here the selfless and unceasing efforts of the Toc H Commissioner and Manager of these institutions, Dr K. Varghese, who was the chief force behind these efforts need highlighting. He has an able team of 14 Toc H members in Cochin Branch supporting him. Here, the name of our departed brother, Mr M. X. Joseph, warrants special mention for his selfless efforts in the early years of Toc H Cochin.

Dr. Alex Mathew is the present President of Toc H Cochin Branch.

Our main campuses are the Toc H Public School, Vyttila, Kochi and the Toc H Institute of Science and Technology (TIST) at Arakkunnam in Ernakulam District. We have six more Higher Secondary Schools in and out of the District but all within Kerala.

1. The Toc H Public School, Vyttila

Land area 5.6 acres

Built up area 94,000 square fee

Number of students 1782

Total number of teaching staff 115

Non-teaching staff 86

Number of school buses 15

2. Toc H Institute of Science and Technology:

Land area 32.21 acres

Built up area 450,000 square feet

Number of students in Graduate Engineering subjects (B.Tech) – 1769

(Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Electrical, Computer, Information Technology)

Number of students in Post Graduate Subjects (MBA) 111

Number pursuing research 48

Number of teaching staff……………………………………………. 79

Number of non-teaching staff 86

Number on daily wages 81

Number of college buses…………………………………………… 36

Number of students in the hostels 800

Efforts are being made to begin Undergraduate Courses in Sound Engineering and Mechatronics.

Professor P. J. Joseph is the President of the following Toc H Institutions:

  1. Toc H Residential School, Thripunithura

Land area 71/2 acres

Built up area 45,000 square feet

Number of students 700

Total staff 80

  1. Toc H Public School, Eloor – Fact, Cochin

Land area 18 acres

Built up area 10,000 square feet

Number of students 1,500

Total staff 100

  1. Toc H Higher Secondary School, Eloor – Fact, Cochin

Land area 18 acres

Built up area 5,000 square feet

Number of students 400

Total staff 30

  1. Toc H Public School, Ambalamedu, Cochin

Land area 3 acres

Built up area 30,000 square feet

Number of students 450

Total staff 32

  1. Toc H Public School, Punalur

Land area 3 acres

Built up area 15,000 square feet

Number of students 1,400

Total staff 100

  1. Toc H Public School, Piravom

Land area 4 acres

Built up area 3,000 square feet

Number of students 190

Total staff 20

Public Schools in Thripunithura, Eloor, Ambalamedu and Piravom, which are in and around Cochin and Punalur Branch which is about one hundred and thirty kilometres away.

Dr. Varghese is the Founder advisor of Toc H Public School Punalur and Professor Babukutty is its President.

Dr. Varghese, the India Commissioner, eminently co-ordinates and manages all these branches.

We are sad to announce the demise of the Secretary to Toc H India, and Treasurer of the Toc H Trust, Chevalier P. Thomas on July, 2nd, 2010. He was a guiding force in the Movement for several years. Professionally, he was a Civil engineer. He was instrumental in planning, designing and building the academic and administrative buildings of the college and school. We miss him as he joined the team of our elder brethren who shall not grow old.