Coungeau House

A Toc H Queensland Project

A Holiday Home for those who are disabled and those who are in need


Coungeau House is a Holiday Home for those who are disabled and those who are in need. The House is situated in a pleasant and quiet locality close to shops, churches and the beach at 36 Banya Street, BONGAREE, BRIBIE ISLAND, QLD 4507.

It has two fully equipped kitchens and a large hall suitable for meetings and other indoor activities. There is accommodation for up to twenty eight people, at any one time — sixteen in a dormitory and twelve in upstairs bedrooms. Special toilet and shower facilities are available for those who are physically disabled. Full time caretakers live in a small cottage – “The Fairweather Cottage” in the growds of the House. They are welcoming and are always ready to meet any special needs that guest may have.

Coungeau House is a truly Toc H establishment. It has an atmosphere which is quite unique; it is a friendly place, it is a quiet place; an ideal place; to relax.. It is a ‘Home away from Home’, and over the years it has given great joy and peace of mind to the thousands of people who have used it. Bookings to use the House need to be made well in advance and they may be arranged by phoning (07) 3408 1435. Further information about Toc H or Coungeau House may be obtained by phoning Toc H Queensland on (07) 32624759.


Coungeau is one of the most historic buildings on Bribie Island. It was built in 1915 by an Albanian Wine and Spirit Merchant who owned a liquor business in Petrie Bight, near the Old Customs House in Brisbane. Mr. Coungeau and his English wife lived in the house for a number of years until she was taken ill and hospitalised.

The house was then put on the market to be sold; unfortunately the offers were so low that Mr. Coungeau decided to donate it to the Church of England. It then became a holiday home for Anglican clergy.

During the war years, Coungeau House was often ,used by high ranking American and Australian service personnel. After the war, it continued to he used by Anglican Clergy until 1968, when it was offered for sale to Toc H Bribie Island Project Committee. Work was then done to restore the house. It was raised, steel girders were placed in position to support it and besser block walls were built enclosing the area underneath. A great deal of the restoration work was done by members of the Brisbane Branch of Toc H. In 1976 ;the Deeds of Coungeau House were handed over to Toc H Queensland Area.

There has always been a close association between Coungeau House and the Bribie Island Toc H Branch. Meetings and functions are held there, and the Branch runs a very successful Book Exchange in a small building in the grounds. The Branch also sponsors holidays for people who are in need or who are disabled. Members of the Branch have served on the Management Committee for Coungeau House since it became a Holiday Home.